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Monday, 26 November 2012

Yog Hopes to Connect Runners in Real Time

tumblr_mdhyqjcedE1qejjfeo1_500Yog, a new social running app, has been launched as a method of connecting runners around the world to get them running together in real time.
The app allows you to arrange a run and invite people from around the world to participate. Or, you could “Run Now” to join in with one of the many runs that other “yoggers” may be doing at that very moment.
Audio notifications and a social running map aim to make the experience feel like you are right alongside other runners during the exercise.
Yog’s international community of runners are brought together by an iOS app which links the “yoggers” in real time. Using the platform, users of the app can organise runs by entering the date, time, and distance of their run.
The iOS app also accumulates all data during the run to give users the opportunity to measure and track their performance.
With social fitness products such as Nike+Strava, and MapMyRun already greatly popular with fitness fanatics and the like, Yog hopes to relate to the real life experience of running instead of just measuring and sharing your achievements.
Peter Pelberg, founder of Yog believes that “The majority of people don’t exercise enough . . . We’ve seen how exercising with others positively impacts the frequency and level at which people exercise. Yog’s point of differentiation is that the app is entirely synchronous. Our community members are not tracking activities in isolation and sharing them to a stream after the fact, they’re running together, from all corners for the world, in real-time.”
The social app was founded by former athletes who struggled to keep up with their exercise regimens while away from teammates. They began constructing the app in 2011 and have since had “yoggers” join in 55 countries from all over the world.
Will you be using Yog?
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